Strengthen Your Infrastructure: mastaGRID™ Poly & Composite Geogrids

Strengthen Your Infrastructure: mastaGRID™ Poly & Composite Geogrids

A solid foundation is crucial for long-lasting construction projects. From roads and railways to embankments, stable soil is the key to success. We offer innovative solutions for soil stabilisation, separation, and reinforcement with our mastaGRID™ Poly and mastaGRID™ Composite geogrids, available for immediate dispatch from our Auckland and Christchurch warehouses.

mastaGRID™ Poly: The Backbone of Stability

Engineered with precision, mastaGRID™ Poly Geogrid stands as a testament to innovation in geogrid technology.  Made with high-quality polypropylene, it's crafted through a unique process of extrusion and stretching in both directions. This creates a rigid structure that excels with angular, granular materials commonly used in construction.

The true strength of mastaGRID™ Poly lies in its incredible versatility. Need to reinforce the base of a road or railway? mastaGRID™ Poly is there for you.  Struggling with subgrade stabilisation? This geogrid provides exceptional support. Even embankment projects benefit from its presence. 

No matter the challenge, mastaGRID™ Poly delivers outstanding performance, ensuring the long-term durability and resilience of your project.  Plus, with immediate dispatch from our Auckland and Christchurch warehouses, you can trust us to meet your stability needs quickly and efficiently.

mastaGRID™ Composite: A Fusion of Strength and Durability

mastaGRID™ Composite Geogrid is a prime example of engineering innovation in soil stabilisation. This innovative geogrid is built on a foundation of high-quality polypropylene, similar to mastaGRID™ Poly. However, it takes things a step further by incorporating mastaTEX™ Non-Woven Geotextile. This additional layer is seamlessly integrated through a heat bonding process, creating a robust composite structure.

The benefits of this advanced design are numerous. mastaGRID™ Composite is specifically engineered to combat reflection cracking, a common problem in asphalt pavements. It also acts as a barrier against water damage, further protecting your infrastructure. Additionally, this composite geogrid boasts impressive load capacity, making it ideal for road construction and renovation projects.

But mastaGRID™ Composite's advantages extend beyond its core functionalities.  Its high temperature resistance ensures it can withstand even the harshest environments. Furthermore, the anti-fatigue cracking properties guarantee long-term stability for your project.  No matter your specific needs – base reinforcement, subgrade separation, or embankment stabilisation – mastaGRID™ Composite serves as the cornerstone of stability, ensuring your project's success for years to come.

Immediate Dispatch for Uninterrupted Projects

We understand the importance of time-sensitive projects. That's why we offer immediate dispatch for both mastaGRID™ Poly and mastaGRID™ Composite from our Auckland and Christchurch locations. Don't let soil stability delays hinder your progress. Choose mastaGRID™ geogrids for a strong foundation and a successful project. 

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