Underground Marker Tapes

Underground Marker Tapes

Detectable tape and non-detectable warning tapes

Underground warning tape, also known as mains markers, mains marker tape or underground service markers are the most cost-effective way of alerting excavator operators and digging crews of buried services beneath the ground.

Designed to stretch when caught by an excavators bucket, they are durable and able to withstand underground condition over extremely prolonged periods. We supply underground detectable warning tapes and non-detectable warning tapes, with the detectable markers having a stainless steel wire tracer installed, enabling easy location of the service below.

For assistance choosing the right product for your application, Jaybro's friendly team are here to help - from 6.30am! Simply call us on 0800 865 292 or email sales@jaybro.co.nz.

Warning Tapes

Mains Marker - Detectable

Mains Marker - Non-detectable

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