Barrier Tapes & Duct Tape

Barrier Tapes & Duct Tape

Reflective Tapes and Non-reflective Tapes

Barricade tape is a non-reflective, non-adhesive tape used to warn or attract the attention of pedestrians in work zones that contain a possible hazard. Commonly referred to as construction tape or barrier tape, it is ideal for roping off areas, demarcating no-go zones, and fencing off small hazards.

Reflective tape is an adhesive tape, available in Class 1 & 2 reflective material, Hi-intensity Class 1 and 2. Reflective tapes are commonly uses for marking trucks, trailers, warehouses, factories and to highlight signage, markout paths and markout areas.

Jaybro also stocks multi purpose heavy duty duct tape, mains marker tapes, and yellow plastic chain. For assistance choosing the right product for your application, Jaybro's friendly team are here to help - from 6.30am! Simply call us on 0800 865 292 or email

Reflective Barrier Tape

Non Reflective Tapes

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