Lockout Equipment

Lockout Equipment

Lockout / Tag Out Equipment, Hasps and Locks

When plant and equipment needs to be powered down for servicing or for scheduled maintenance shutdown, it's important to alert others of the potential for harm if equipment is switched on in error. Therefore, lockout hasps can be used to fix to equipment, preventing workers from using it until the machinery is unlocked by supervisors. A lockout hasp enables a series of maintenance managers, supervisors or technicians to add their own padlock to equipment, ensuring the chain of command is maintained when all parties have to remove their locks to power up the equipment. 

They provide an additional layer of safety to equipment that is flagged with paper lock out tags, such as 'out of service' tags and 'danger' tags. If you need to keep equipment inoperative while repairs or adjustments are being made, take a look at our range of safety controls. 

Jaybro's friendly team are here to help - if you need advice or assistance simply call us on 0800 865 292 or email sales@jaybro.co.nz.

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