Types of safety helmets

Types of safety helmets

When working in construction, safety around the building site is paramount. With potential health and safety hazards at play all of the time, it's vital to know that you are protected by your uniform, and your head is included in this.

It is generally accepted that for maximum protection, a safety helmet should be replaced every five years at most, provided that no damage has occurred to the helmet.

However, this is rare within the construction industry, so helmets will most likely need to be replaced more often than this. Therefore, at Jaybro, we want to run through the different types of helmets to help protect you and your head.

Vented safety helmets

Most often when we're talking about safety helmets, we're referring to vented safety helmets. These are lightweight hard hats that are designed to keep you safe whilst also providing as much comfort as possible (after all, this is something that you probably have to wear all day). Vented safety hats often come with ventilation holes – thus the name – which have the added comfort of allowing your head a little space to breathe.

Often supplied with replaceable sweatbands, the potential for rubbing is low, and with adjustable straps, it's easy to make the hat as tight or as loose as you like. However, it's important to take note of how safe they are for your specific requirements.

For example, vented safety helmets that are made to be 1000V electrical and molten metal resistant are ideal for builders working around a home construction site. We stock a range of vented safety helmets in different colours, including yellow, blue, orange, green and red. Constructed from ABS plastic, they are ideal when there is a risk of you being hit by falling objects or colliding with a solid object.

Non vented safety helmets

Non vented safety helmets differ from vented safety helmets in one key regard: the absence of ventilation holes. This can be of benefit when working around materials that could cause splashback around the head area. The absence of the holes in this type of helmet would mean that liquid is unable to seep through and cause injury/irritation to the head.

Also, instead of adjustable straps, often non-vented safety helmets come with a ratcheting adjustment wheel, which can be a more durable means of tightening up or loosening the helmet. Other than this, this type of helmet is similar to the vented helmet in that both are made from highly resistant materials, the specifications of which should always be checked before you buy. This just adds extra faith that you are protecting your head as much as possible.

Like our range of vented safety helmets, our unvented safety helmets are made from ABS plastic and come in various colours.

Miner’s safety helmets

For mining uses, it can be advantageous to choose a specific mining hat, as these differ from the norm by including a light on the front. Some mining hats come with the light included and attached, yet with many brands, it is more likely that you will have to invest in your own light to attach to the provided slots on either side.

Like non-vented safety helmets, these often come with ratchet adjusters for the tightest possible fit. Again, don't forget to check the strength of the hat itself, especially when it's going to be worn underground in sometimes dangerous conditions.

Helmet accessories

At Jaybro, we offer a wide range of accessories that correspond with each type of hat listed above.

For example, our Chainsaw Head Protection Mesh Visor Kit is a best seller, with its attachable earmuffs, mesh face shield and visor holder cap bracket all included. Perfect for forestry workers, it is guaranteed to work perfectly with your chosen Jaybro safety helmet so you can get on with the job at hand with added peace of mind.

Other accessories to consider include our Winter Liners Knit Caps, which are bound to be a great addition to your work-life routine, especially in the winter season. The beanie comes in one size that is guaranteed to fit all and is designed to sit snug underneath any helmet you select.

This helps to promote the warmest but most comfortable experience possible whilst you work, without skimping on the protection offered by any of our helmets.

For more information about the different types of helmets on offer and their advantages and disadvantages, contact our friendly and professional team today at Jaybro.

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